Who we are

ARDIS US Inc. is the exclusive distributor for the ARDIS software products for North America.   

The ARDIS software products are developed by the software house, ARDIS I.S. n.v. ARDIS specializes in optimization software for cutting rectangular shapes. In collaboration with the University of Ghent in 1983 our  the owner, Arnout De Lille, started to explore ways of how to optimize the cutting of rectangular shapes for industrial purposes. The result of this research is today the software packages Easy Optimizer and Cutting Optimizer.  They are universal systems that run on a PC, in the office or on a machine controller. The optimization software computes the cutting patterns of lengths, panels and coils. The first Cutting Optimizer was introduced in 1986 on the market in Belgium. Since then the ARDIS products have been developed with one clear goal: keep up with the needs of customers and make the products even more beneficial as technology and production methods change. The software is used worldwide with highly progressing results.

ARDIS not only offers optimization software, it also has inventory management software. In addition, it can link the optimization results to panel saws & routers. It can be integrated with Excel, ERP systems, 3-D CAD systems, calculation and planning software and most design software packages available in the industry. It can also be available to the end-user as an OEM-system.

ARDIS software can also directly integrate with storage & retrieval systems.

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