ARDIS Seminar during IWF (8/14/2018)

ARDIS, the partner in optimization, nesting and production software invites you to a seminar during IWF on Thursday 23th of August.

Bern De Lille, the Operations Manager of Ardis, hosts two 50 min-sessions, one in the morning and another time in the afternoon. So there is no reason to miss this opportunity. In this seminar we will show how you can significantly increase your efficiency and productivity by applying new developments of the ARDIS suite. In addition, we will unveil the new MES “Ardis Production” tool which focuses on optimizing communication on the work floor and bring more flexibility in your way of working.  

Session 1: How the new generation of ARDIS will help you work faster and more effectively (8:30 AM and 2 PM- Room B205 at GWCC) Agenda   

- New ARDIS Products strategy: What we did to make our product suite better fit your needs. Understand how ARDIS has become much more than an optimizer tool and what benefits current and future features will bring for improving your operations  

- New features and enhancements ARDIS Optimizer: Learn how the new ARDIS optimizer will deliver speed and precision by optimizing your jobs for the best and fastest output. Experience how the new user interface will help you to enhance your productivity in an intuitive way!  

-Sorting & logistical strategies: Learn about the different strategies ARDIS offers to ease your sorting, targeting optimal yield with fast and easy implementation!    

Session 2: Presenting MES: “Ardis Production” (9:30 AM and 3 PM - Room B205 at GWCC) Agenda  

- How MES “ARDIS Production” will help Improve shop floor communication We will explain and demonstrate how real-time data is easily and timely retrieved by operators so that information can be acted upon whenever and wherever needed. This will allow operators to become more productive by doing the right intervention at the right time  

- We follow “your way of working” Adaptability is a key design concept of our MES “Ardis Production” as the product will always support your processes as you have defined them for your environment. MES “Ardis Production” is an off-the-shelve package that is designed to offer both flexibility and adaptability to support your processes in the best possible way  

- Minimize time losses during scanning Learn how to increase your manual operation productivity with 30% by rationalizing the needed scans.